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ClickFunnels for Network Marketing (MLM)

Are you having issues getting leads into your networking marketing (MLM) home business? There are many affordable tools created to solve these issues for people just like you, such as LeadPages, and ClickFunnels.

Today, our focus will be on the basics of using ClickFunnels for your network marketing. I will also share how you can take advantage of ClickFunnels to grow your Multi-level marketing (MLM) business, get more leads and increase your earning potential!

What is ClickFunnels?

If you have used LeadPages, you will have a clue about ClickFunnels. However, ClickFunnels is not just a software where you can use to create only landing pages, but also provide sales channel system, and sales page. One reason why ClickFunnels expands as fast growing software is the funnels feature.

The funnels enable you to perform end-to- end advertising and marketing system in one area. After subscribing, you start with your landing page after which you can do other things....


What is Internet Marketing & How to Get Started

So you want to be an Internet Marketer and make money online? Let’s start with the basics…

Any form of marketing is, simply put, a way to get your company, brand or product out there in front of the public, in front of your prospective customers.

Traditional marketing depends on ads, brochures, word-of-mouth, TV and radio spots, and networking to get people interested in what have on offer. You need a team of experts and full-times staff to get your marketing engine going. You need to invest a lot of money for your marketing strategy to be effective.

Online marketing follows some or many strategies used by brick-and-mortar kind of marketers, but with a crucial difference. All your marketing energy is concentrated online .You use the internet to spread word about your product or service to people.

Like any other marketing technique, this involves commitment, time, and minimal investment on your part, but the returns are often greater than expected. Choose the right...


Internet Marketing Terms & Definitions

Internet Marketing covers many different topics, and therefore has a large subset of definitions. The list below covers terms in Affiliate Marketing, Pay-Per-Click Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and more.

 Above the Fold

The part of the page you can see without scrolling down or over. The exact amount of space will vary by viewer because of screen settings. You often pay a premium for advertisement placements above the fold, which will add to the costs of internet marketing services, but may also add to results.

Advertising Network

A group of websites where one advertiser controls all or a portion of the ads for all sites. A common example is the Google Search Network, which includes AOL, Amazon, (formerly Ask Jeeves), and thousands of other sites. In Google AdWords, they offer two types of ad networks on the internet: search and display (which used to be called their content network).

Google Adwords/AdWords

AdWords is Google’s paid search marketing...


The Importance of Why in Sales

When you’re selling something through a sales funnel, a landing page or an ecommerce store, the most important thing to keep in mind at all times is why.

  • Why are you selling what you’re selling?
  • Why should your audience care?
  • Why is your product worthwhile?

And when you answer this question, you can’t give reasons like ‘to make money’ or ‘because it sells’.

You need to believe in your product, know why you’re selling it and understand your audience. Here’s why…

What Makes a Brand

A brand is not just a logo and a company name. Rather, a brand is the collection of ideals and promises that set you apart from the competition. This is your mission statement, it’s what your company is here on this Earth to accomplish.
So if you focus on creating healthy foods, your mission statement might be to make the world healthier.

If you make disposable boxes, then you might want to make the world a greener place. If you sell...


How to Build Your List From Forums

Forums and online communities offer a fantastic opportunity for email marketing. If you're looking for somewhere that you can build and grow a list, then these can provide a fertile resource with lots of benefits. Here we will list some of them and provide tips on how to use them more effectively…

What Are Forums? And How to Find Them

A forum is an online community in the shape of a message board. Here, people can post questions, raise items for discussion and generally throw ideas back and forth. For anyone interested in a subject, this is a great place to meet like-minded people and to get and share information.

Unfortunately, forums are becoming increasingly scarce. Some big ones do still exist but in other cases they have been replaced by other online communities such as Sub Reddits. Either way, they can still be just as effective.

Provide Value

Whenever you get a group of people together with a similar interest this is always going to look like a nice, big,...


How to Avoid the Spam Filter and Get Into the Primary Inbox

One of the biggest challenges for email marketers over the years has always been beating the spam filter. The job of the spam filter on most email providers is to prevent unwanted messages from getting in – especially those that might contain viruses, phishing scams or other harmful types of content.

Today this has become even harder though. Now we not only have spam boxes but also ‘social’ and ‘promotional’ boxes that further segregate our messages and make it hard for any of our messages to gain attention.

The good news is that there are strategies you can use to combat both these issues. Read on…


One of the first and most important tips for avoiding the spam box is to make sure you avoid using the kinds of words and phrases that computers associate with spam. This is similar to the way that Google looks for keywords, except this time the keywords are a bad thing. Examples of words to avoid include things like...


How the Fail Fast Technique Helps You to Earn Fast as an Affiliate

'Fail fast' is an adage in business that more people should know. It is applicable to a wide variety of different business models and that's particularly true when it comes to selling affiliate products. Read on to learn more about what it means and how you can make it work for you.

What is 'Fail Fast'?

Fail fast essentially means that you should aim to succeed or fail quickly.
Whereas our initial instinct is to do everything we can do to succeed in business, this can sometimes lead to us investing too much time, effort and money into a single idea. In other words, you end up spending months on your landing page, on choosing your product, on priming your mailing list and on creating the perfect storm in which to sell.

So if that product then falls flat on its face, it's going to leave you badly out of pocket and badly disheartened regarding your efforts.

Failing fast on the other hand means selling an MVP – or a minimally viable product – so you can very...


ClickFunnels Black Box Review

Overview of ClickFunnels Black Box

Russell Brunson, a successful internet expert, owns the ClickFunnels software. He has also written a book titled “DotCom Secrets.” ClickFunnels is a piece of wonderful software, which gives you the option to build and run membership sites as you desire. Russell has just written another book titled “Expert Secrets” and has the ClickFunnels Black Box, which comprises of other items.

How to Buy Funnel Black Book

The ClickFunnels Black Box Book is priced at $37 with shipping and handling charges inclusive. The book has been designed to provide the needed start to grow and promote your business online. The book comes loaded with other books with stickers also. The ClickFunnels Black box comprises of the following items:

  • Expert Secrets book by Russell Brunson
  • Funnel Hacker BlackBox Quick start guide
  • Funnel script ticket
  • Funnel consulting ticket
  • I am a Funnel Hacker sticker
  • Free ticket to attend Russell Brunson Webinar. This...

Top 10 Affiliate Programs for Beginners

Do you create quality content on your site or blog that attracts tons of visitors and regular newsletter subscribers?

Do you have a decent sized Facebook or Instagram friends list, or network circle?

If you’ve have answered “yes” to one or both, you should implement techniques that generate passive income from your traffic.

The internet is filled with affiliate programs for every imaginable product or service under the sun. If you come across a profitable product, you can wager a month’s wages that there is a matching affiliate program.

What makes affiliate marketing attractive to people?

Affiliate or associate programs are commission based deals or agreements between a vendor and an advertiser (aka…You). Affiliate networks connect the two of you for an additional fee or a small cut in your earnings.

After you’ve laid the groundwork, the right affiliate system or network can become a source of recurring income with minimal future effort...


How to Create or Acquire Products to Sell From Your Site?

There are a ton of resources out there that you can look into if your objective is to start selling online. You can find guides to persuasive writing, to creating a sales funnel and to managing a PPC campaign.

But before you can take advantage of any of this advice, you first need something to sell. And that’s the one important step that a lot of people tend to forget!

So the question is: how can you acquire or create a product that’s worth selling? Let’s take a look…

eBooks and Digital Products

One option is to sell an ebook or a digital product. In fact, this is one of the most common things to sell from a website or a sales funnel and in many cases, this is why guides don’t explain how to make products – they assume you’ll go this route!

Creating a digital product is relatively very simple and tends to only involve writing text into a document and then saving it as a PDF. Courses are a little harder and involve recording...

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