ClickFunnels Actionetics vs Infusionsoft

Business owners are getting busier with extra activities and as a result, are looking for a way to run things on autopilot. They are constantly searching for tools that would make traffic and lead generation faster and reliable. That’s why the question of Actionetics vs Infusionsoft continues to resonate on the lips of online business owners.

To answer this question, we need to put these two software side by side and see what they are made of, what they offer to small and large scale businesses and their pricing. So, to start with, let’s quickly take a look at the first question potential users always ask.

What is Actionetics?

Actionetics is a marketing automation platform belonging to ClickFunnels, which can be used in integrating with your sales funnel to create dynamic automation actions that are smart and highly dependable. Apart from creating and sending autoresponder emails, Actionetics is smart enough to be able to bucket, react and take action depending on the setup of your action funnels.

Features of Actionetics include Contact profiles, Email lists, Email broadcast, and Action funnels. Each of these plays a specialized role in ensuring that you get real value for your money.

Contact Profiles: On the contact profile page, you are able to view everyone that has opted into your lists on the various ClickFunnels. It presents you an overview of the number of persons who joined or unsubscribed from the lists as well as where to obtain information regarding your contacts.

One other thing you can easily do on the Contact Profiles page is to search for different people, import contacts as well as scroll through your subscribers. Actionetics also attaches an ‘Action Score’ to every person that is on any of your funnels in ClickFunnels. This score can be viewed on the contact profile page. The scores are assigned using various variables among which are frequency, recency, social score and monetary value.

To understand the contact’s motions and how he engages with your sales funnel, you can look up the General Details section for clues. Any purchase the contact makes as well as the subscription he is associated with, the pages he visited is also viewable on the page.

Email Lists: On this page, you can easily see the different lists that are in use, and also be able to import lists from other autoresponders (you can import up to 100,000 contacts per account). But if you need to add more contacts, you have to get in touch with the ClickFunnels support for assistance.

Email Broadcasts: Email broadcasts enable you to regularly send important updates to your list and build relationship. Actionetics makes it possible to customize your templates and the messages. With the e-mail builder you can use a variation of the landing page editor in creating the kind of e-mails customers can easily view on desktops and mobile devices.

Action Funnel: With this you are able to carry out internal actions (such as removing subscribers from your prospect list if you so desire), and external actions such as sending SMS reminder to people who follow a certain subscriber on social media.


Infusionsoft is software designed to enable small businesses automate their sales and marketing without any need to increase staff strength. It is a fully integrated Contact Relationship Management System (CRM), Commerce and Marketing solution. It merges the features of an email management system (such as GetResponse, Aweber, etc), social marketing (such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook), e-commerce (such as 1ShoppingCart), with the ability of generating long-term “campaigns” depending on the activities of your contacts (survey taking, event participation, opt-in for a free gift, buy a product, click a link, or file download).

With Infusionsoft, you get tools that help you in personalizing your marketing experience. You get the following:

Campaign Builder: With this tool, you can seamlessly create marketing campaigns using a simple drag-and-drop interface, and execute them repeatedly without the need to start the process from scratch again each time. It is designed to help you carry out any idea you have in mind, such as:

  • Automatically sending personalized communications to each contact
  • Building landing pages, emails, and the rest from within the Campaign Builder
  • Obtaining ready-made templates from the Infusion marketplace for your campaigns
  • Trigger emails as well as carry out other actions depending on the behavior of the contact

CRM Integration: It makes it possible for you to personalize the emails you send to your contact using the information you have extracted. With CRM, you are able to:

  • Have access to contact communication history in a single place.
  • Make use of autoresponder in sending sequence of personalized emails
  • Make your communication important.

All-new Landing Pages: There are available templates which you can easily customize to publish lovely, modern, mobile responsive pages that really convert. You also get several thousands of royalty-free images with great quality. With it you can build pages with high speed.

Website Tracking: This tool gives you the ability to track whatever happens on your site. You can track visitor activity, number of customers generated by your online efforts, the browsing behavior of visitors, average time a visitor spends on your site, and the rest.

Statistics and Reports: This helps you in determining the success of your email campaigns by enabling you to:

  • Assess web form, campaign performance, landing page, and ROI.
  • Identify the number of emails delivered, skipped, opened, clicked, etc.
  • Examine the result of your email campaigns and make necessary changes

Actionetics Pricing

Actionetics is more cost-effective if you are using a premium service. It is not sold alone as a separate package.  If, however, you upgrade to the $297/month package, you are offered several tools including Actionetics and Backpack (the affiliate marketing management tool for ClickFunnels).

Infusionsoft Pricing

Infusionsoft offers its package at $70/month and the new-user onboarding at $299. This equally comes with an avalanche of tools to help you do your email campaigns without hitches.


Each of the software has a specific role to play in marketing automation. Infusionsoft is particularly designed with small businesses in mind while Actionetics can cater to both small and big businesses.

While it is not possible to purchase Actionetics as a standalone package when using ClickFunnels alone, you can get it at a cheaper rate by simply upgrading to a premium user and enjoy all other benefits that come with the upgrade.


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