How to Make Money Online Selling Women’s Custom Designer Fashion

Custom fashion design is all the rave. The clothing we wear is the most powerful and obvious form of personal expression. What we wear tells everybody what sort of individual we are and what we consider ourselves.

If you can find a market to tap into and offer unique and impressionable designs + a reliable source of product inventory, you have a winning combination for success. One thing about unique designs…people will open their wallet book up for them.

On to the Making Money Part…

Every used a “Print-on-Demand” service? With the Print-On-Demand business model, what you do is come up with a theme or brand for a market of your choosing, idea(s) for graphics that people will love to have on apparel, and supply those graphic files to a fulfillment service. The fulfillment service will handle printing and shipping to the customer.

When I started designing T-Shirts in early 2015, there were only a couple of options fulfillment services, and they all mostly offered T-Shirts. But now, you have several new Fulfillment companies, many of them also offering additional print-on- demand apparel and products – way beyond the standard T-Shirt.

How Print-On-Demand Works

When an order is made on your store that contains a product linked to your Print-on-Demand fulfillment service, the order is automatically sent directly to them, where they print and ship it to your customer.

It’s truly an autopilot system, where all you need to worry about is marketing your store and adding new products.

There are lots of reasons to love this business model, including:

  • There’s very little cost involved in getting set up
  • You don’t have to carry inventory because it’s a print on demand process
  • You can run this model from anywhere
  • You decide your profit
  • You don’t pay for products until a sale is actually made
  • Every order comes with tracking. When we mail an item, we automatically trigger the shipping notification with the tracking code, which is sent to your end customer so they know where their package is

The fulfillment service will charge you the bare minimum to cover the cost of design+shipping production and the product itself, which they buy directly from their suppliers at wholesale prices. Then you set a mark-up price that you’ll sell products at to your customers, and what’s left is your profit. Your end price will depend overall what you think is fair in your competitive market, but I recommend a minimum profit margin of 20-30 if possible%.

Say for instance, Fulfillment Service A will charge you a base cost of $9.60 +$4.50 for shipping for a custom T-shirt. You decide to sell it on your store for is $23.00. Subtract their price from yours, which gives you a profit of $8.90 (39%). The higher the base cost of a product depending on the supplier, the higher you may need to price the product to give yourself a good margin

Introducing Art of Where

Art of Where is one fulfillment service that caters to a more female population and has nice print-on-demand apparel options like Leggings. All you need to do is come up with some nice designs to have printed on them.

This is just an example of some of the product types Art of Where offers:

  • Leggings
  • Yoga Leggings
  • Fitted Skirts
  • Flare Dress
  • Shorts
  • Beanies
  • and more…

How To Get Started With Print-On-Demand Fashion Design

This process is very simple to get started, so I will give you the fast track version. For this example, I will recommend using the Shopify platform to set-up your store. Shopify is an eCommerce solution that allows you to setup an online store, which they host with all your products for sale. You have full control over the design of store (using free & paid themes), products, prices & shipping, using Shopify’s easy to use administration console. Their fee is $29.99 a month for hosting your store, but using my link below can get you a 14 day trial to test things out.

The Art of Where fulfillment service I discussed earlier has an “App” that integrates with Shopify, which is what allows you to connect your custom designs with your store and sell them to your customers

To get it going in 5 easy steps…

  1. Come up with a theme & site name. (example – Superhero Yoga Leggings)
  2. Open a free Shopify store (14 day trial):
  3. Find a designer on or Fiverr to create design patterns, like these for example:
  4. Install the “Art of Where” Shopify App
  5. Upload your designs > Set your prices > Promote!

Shopify has a very comprehensive help section that can help you setup the store as you go along. Please refer to their Help Center.

For more information on Art of Where, and their print-on-demand service and base costs, refer to the links below:


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