Side Hustle Marketing Resources

Do you do everything the hard way?

Are you someone who believes in paying their dues before tasting success?

You shouldn’t; not when it comes to running a small or micro business or marketing your content? You simply don’t have the kind of time or resources to play the trial-and-error game. With your competitors using various marketing tools to get ahead, you can’t afford to just trot along.

Marketing tools help you connect the dots and bridge the gap between prospects and you. Display your line of business in best possible way and to right audience, if you want to convert prospects into long-term customers.

These tools help you do just that. From finding right domain name and product or content niche to developing content and creating a marketing strategy, there are numerous apps and software that make your life easier.

I‘ve researched different tools and come up with 43 must-haves in your marketing arsenal. From domain names and keyword search to social media and email marketing, you’ll find tools that get you closer to your goal of creating a successful online business.

Domain Name Generators

1. Lean Domain Search

This search engine provides quick results for keyword-based domain names and shows you what’s available for registration and what’s not. WordPress users can find and register domain names directly through WordPress, as it’s been acquired by Automattic, parent company.

Cost – FREE to use

2. NameMesh

This domain search tool uses an intelligent rank and classify program to find domain names for you. Use features like Common for popular names, Short for name hacks, Similar for names that sound similar, SEO for best optimized names, Mix for interesting names, and Fun category to create new words from your keyword. Looking for a company name? Try the Startup Company Name Generator.

Cost – FREE to use

3. NameStation

This search engine suggests different word suggestion methods. Pick one or more from a list of relevant names for available domains, choose from niche business names, combine keyword lists, or use keyword definitions to find the perfect name. Start your own domain name contest and pick a winner from their community.

Cost – FREE to use with account sign-in.

Customer Keyword Search Behavior

4. Google Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner helps you find keywords and associated data for your website, blog, PPC ads, or social media and marketing campaigns. Use different keywords lists to test-drive your campaign and forecast traffic. The only hitch for a rookie – you need an AdWords account.

Cost – FREE with AdWords

5. Bing Ads Intelligence

Advertisers will find a lot of common elements in Bing Ads and AdWords, but BAI scores on reporting tools. Build your basic keyword list, expand the list, find associated and geo-specific keywords, review keyword performance, and generate targeted traffic leads. Use this excel interface tool to improve existing PPC ad campaigns.

Cost – FREE to use with Microsoft Excel

6. Google Suggest

While this auto-suggest function improves search engine usability, it’s useful for online marketers and brands.3 Search for long tail keywords related to your product or service and get interesting and alternative suggestions from Google. Precise queries by users help you create tailored content, focus on specific keywords, and rank against close competitors with similar content.

Cost – FREE

7. Google Trends

Do you need new ideas for PPC campaigns, social media, or blog content? Use Google’s free tool to find out latest trends, new concepts, and hot searches garnering interest around the world. Modify your existing campaigns with data on seasonal trends.

Cost – FREE

8. Ubersuggest

Find keyword ideas from thousands of real user queries. This tool provides suggestions from general search and news, social media, video, and shopping based discovery engines. Search for terms in different languages and get varied suggestions. The chrome extension gives you access to CPC and volume search.

Cost – FREE; advanced functionality with Chrome extension.


This keyword tool uses Google’s auto-suggest feature to generate long-tail words and phrases. Pick keywords from Bing, YouTube, and pp store. Choose specific Google domains and language combinations for keywords. KeywordTool doesn’t hide popular words, unlike Google Keyword Planner. Free version offers around 750 suggested keywords per query.

Cost – FREE to use, with pro subscription plans of $48, $68 and $88 per month

10. Soovle

This customizable engine provides auto-suggest queries from Google, other search engines, and sources like Amazon and Wikipedia. Save suggestions, search specific terms for your client based on their URL and logo, and access the list of top popular keywords

Cost – FREE with account login for extra features.

Content Management Systems

11. WordPress

This open-source blogging platform and content management system is easy to install. Create custom themes for your eCommerce site or business blog, add plugins, publish media-rich content, moderate comments, share links to social media, and create forums and subscription modes. Sites hosted on WordPress software have an SEO edge over other sites.

Cost – Free for use as sub-domain; paid domain name and self hosting options.

12. Wix

A popular website builder for small business sites and blogs. Wix has a design interface that allows ecommerce integration. This CMS supports HTML 5 and allows you to add live chats through its app market

Cost – Free for use as sub-domain; paid domain name and self hosting options.

13. Weebly

This website builder offers customized design solution for different businesses. Weebly provides eCommerce integration and its own set of apps for creating forms, surveys or starting forums and chat groups.

Cost – FREE for use as sub-domain; paid domain name and self hosting options.

Landing Page Software

14. Leadpages

The software offers over 70 custom templates. Use search feature to find landing page templates that convert well. LeadBoxes allows you to add opt-ins within blog posts and provides traffic and conversion data for your site.

Cost – FREE to try with standard pricing of $25/m for unlimited landing pages. Pro level with advanced features costs $40/m and HubSpot integration costs $67/m.

15. Megaphone

This handy tool integrates with most email marketing software. Choose from 120 custom templates with responsive design. Other features include A/B testing, traffic and conversion analysis, sales page creation, file attachment options, and pop-ups.

Cost – paid plans include $29/m for 20 pages, $99/m for 50 pages and $199/m for 100 pages.

16. Instapage

With this user-friendly builder you can create a landing page in 10 minutes. The software offers over 80 templates for webinars, email capture and thank-you pages. Other features include split testing, tracking data for conversions, and integration with Google Analytics, Zoho, Aweber, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and more.

Cost – FREE trial with per month plans – $19 for 5,000 visitors, $47/month up to 25,000 visitors and unlimited plan pricing.

Content Marketing Tools

17. BuzzSumo

This tool provides insights for your content marketing and SEO strategy. Find more about trending content in various niches, most shared content, and influencers who create popular content. Use various filter options to make specific searches and compare domains.

Cost – FREE to use with pro options – $99, $299 and $899 per month.

18. Prezi

Prezi helps you create attractive presentations, webinars, and videos to attract readers. The tool provides an open canvas to try different concepts, image editing menu, file saving options and a template library. Team collaboration, offline presentations, and cloud storage are some valuable features of this tool.

Cost – all plans include a 14-day free trial period and cost from $4.92 to $13.25 billed annually.

19. SlideShare

SlideShare, now a LinkedIn product, offers online marketers and entrepreneurs with free presentation and webinars tools. Use SlideShare as a social marketing tool in combination with your LinkedIn account and reach out to a wider audience. Use this tool to find relevant and popular topics in your business niche.

Cost – FREE with LinkedIn and Facebook login or account sign-in.

20. Canva

Want to create visual media for your content, online advertising or social media projects? Canva is a one-stop shop with its image and design templates, media library and design tutorials for the novice. Create everything from header images and banners to book covers and business cards with own media or Canva’s free photos, font and icon sets. For a nominal fee, Canva offers premium images and templates.

Cost – FREE to use with paid-in purchases; Canva for Work starts at $12.95/month.

21. Quora

This Q&A site has millions of people asking questions and getting detailed and quality replies on diverse topics. Post your own question and get valuable advice, promote your site or products by answering questions relevant to your niche. You’ll also find unique and interesting topic ideas.

Cost – FREE with a Goggle or Facebook account.

22. HubSpot Blog Topic Generator

Suffering from writer’s block? Use Hubspot’s headline tool to get fresh ideas for your blog or guest posts. Add two or three noun term in your niche and watch the generator create a month’s worth of interesting titles.

Cost – FREE

23. CopyScape

Use this handy tool to check whether your content has been scraped or stolen. Test own copy or compare two different texts for plagiarism issues. With the paid version, check content before it goes live or index your content and cross check with older material to avoid potential issues. Another paid feature, CopySentry, sends you alerts about sites that copy your content.

Cost – FREE for basic URL search; paid credits for advanced features.

Email Marketing

24. Mailchimp

Create personalized emails using design templates, grow your email list, automate the process, and track results. Use tool features for newsletter subscriptions, surveys or social campaigns.

Cost – FREE for 12000 emails limit and 2000 subscribers; unlimited email plan starts from $10/m and goes up to $35/m.

25. Aweber

This email software lets you create personalized emails through its drag-and-drop interface. Offers templates for custom emails, integrates with PayPal, Facebook and WordPress, and provides varied features to manage your contacts.

Cost – one-month’s free trial with $1 charge. Price starts at $19/m for 500 subscribers and goes up to $149/m for 10000 subscribers.

26. GetResponse

GetResponse offers content design and distribution services to engage customers. Other features include customized landing pages, webinar solutions, A/B testing, and integration with eCommerce hosting and payment providers.

Cost – Price starts from $15/m for 1000 subscribers and goes up to $999/m for 1 million subscribers.

27. Sendlane

SendLane provides you with tools to design emails, newsletters and landing pages, create email campaigns, automate marketing process using customer behavioral data, and track analytics.

Cost – One month free trail with unlimited mails for $1. Pro plans star at $19/m for 500subscribers and goes up to $499 for one million subscribers.

Browser Based SEO Tools

28. SEOQuake

This tool reveals details on any site for parameters like PageRank, domain age, Alexa, and no-follow links. Create your own parameters to analyze site’s search results in Google, Bing, Baidu and Yandex. Use Keyword Density tool to see the number of times a particular keyword appears on a page.

Cost – FREE extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

29. Rank Checker for Firefox

This Firefox extension by SeoBook helps you check your website rankings and ranks of your competitors in Yahoo, Bing and Google. The best thing about this tool -you don’t hand over your data to third parties, as the tool is hosted on your computer.

Cost – FREE extension for Firefox.

30. MozBar

This browser extension allows you to you execute various SEO tasks, including custom search for keywords, authorship and schema validation, and analyzing keyword ranking data and social metrics.

Cost – FREE browser extension for Firefox and Chrome.

31. connects you with influencers, power users, and prominent bloggers on social media. Get additional information on people from their Gmail account through their connected profiles.

Cost – FREE extension for Chrome.

Search Engine Optimization Tracking

32. Ahrefs

The index of live links at Ahrefs helps you analyze a site’s link status. Use this link building tool to discover new links, analyze these links, and compare links of different competitor sites. Link data from competitors provides valuable information on content types that gets natural and high quality links.

Cost – A 14-day free trial; paid plans – $79/m for 3 campaigns, $179/m for 10 campaigns and $399/m for 30 campaigns.

33. Majestic

Get access to backlink data for any website with this SEO tool. Use Majestic to find influencers and explore sites in depth. The keyword explorer helps you find search score for a particular URL.

Cost – FREE account to try; paid plans range from $29.99/m to $ 250/m.

34. Open Site Explorer

This is literally a search engine for links, which offers you detailed list of inbound links to any site, including your own. Analyze competitor’s links to create tailored content for better inbound links. Use Just Discovered feature to see the latest links to a site.

Cost – one-month’s free trial. Paid plans – $99/m for 5 campaigns and $149/m for 10 campaigns.

Analytics and Optimization Tools

35. Google Analytics

This analytics tool allows you to create custom reports, analyze visitor data to measure mobile and social media impact, check page engagement and bounce rate, and evaluate conversion rates. Event functionality helps track activity on your site like downloads of free ebooks, PDF or toolkit.

Cost – FREE for sites and apps with Google account; premium version for advanced features.

36. Clicky

Clicky helps you understand customer behavior and improve conversions using its real-time analytics. Other features include details on unique visitors, HTTPS tracking, heat maps, and alerts when your site goes offline.

Cost – FREE for one site with daily page view limit of 3000. Pro plans range from $9.99/m to $19.99/m.

37. Bitly

In addition to shortening link URLs, Bitly offers Short Domain URLs for brands to enhance social media sharing and track reader interaction. Content analytics enable you to see which post or article gets most shares and mentions. The API key integrates with CMS, Buffer and TweetDeck.

Cost – FREE for URL shortener. Pay for brand tools.

38. TinyURL

Create a tiny URL for social media links, email posting, any page on your website. Hide affiliate links with this tool. This URL shortening tool is available as an add-on for browsers that allow javascript.

Cost – FREE online use and as browser add-on for IE, Safari, Opera, Firefox and Chrome.


Social Media Management Tools

39. Hootsuite

Hootsuite offers full range of social media management tools. Manage multiple accounts, schedule posts, track mentions and shares, analyze traffic, and collaborate with team members.

Cost – FREE for blog or website use with pro plans for businesses starting at $9 per month.

40. Buffer

Buffer is an elegant and simple platform for social media content scheduling. The platform allows you to add posts, images, and videos, and automates the content sharing process.

Cost – FREE to try; pro plans start at $10/month.

PPC Tools

41. SEMrush

SEMrush provides insight into competitor’s ad strategy and link building. Track keywords across paid and organic search campaigns. Free tool provides data on related, common keywords and most searched phrases to help you find low and high competition keywords.

Cost – FREE tool bar with paid option for deeper analysis.

42. SpyFu

This competitive analysis tool offers highly profitable keywords of competitors and ad data for paid and organic searches. Two cool features of SpyFu: ability to download competitor keywords as CSV files and to export reports.

Cost – FREE

43. KeywordSpy

You gain an edge over your competition with this tool. PPC marketers can find CPC value and PPC percentages for sites, get data on organic competitors, in addition to keyword and ad copy information. The free toolbar includes domain name, ad copy and destination URL search options.

Cost – FREE tool bar with monthly plans (for advanced semantics) ranging from $89.85 to 133.85 per month.

Learning Sites

44. Make A Website Hub

Make A Website Hub is a great site to help you learn how to get your first website or blog launched quickly and cheaply. Whether you don’t have the budget to hire someone to build your site or if you’d simply prefer to build it yourself, this will help you the entire way, from choosing a web host to deciding which website builder is the best for your needs. In addition to their beginner resources, they also have a lot of great advanced tutorials.

45. helps give beginners a fast and simple way to create a website without having to learn HTML/CSS coding or read long, boring tutorials.


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