The Hard Sell – A Different Approach to Affiliate Marketing

When you think of affiliate marketing, you probably think of people selling e-books and online courses through their e-mail lists and their websites. Perhaps you might think of PPC advertising too.

The aim here is to start selling in big volume and to make 60% profit on every book and course you sell.

If you sell 100 e-books for $100 each, then that will be $600 profit – not bad!

Except when you look at it that way, it's easy to see why a lot of people give up. Even with 100 sales a week, you'd be making a pretty poor salary. And that's a lot to sell!

So what can you do? One option is to entirely change your strategy…

The Big Ticket Items

There are two types of big ticket items as far as most affiliate marketers are concerned.

One is to sell a very expensive product and get a percentage from that. When you go this route, even Amazon becomes a viable way to make money as you could conceivably get a couple hundred dollars from selling a single e-book. Better yet are the online courses, some of which could net you multiple hundreds of dollars for a single book.

The Hard Sell – A Different Approach to Affiliate Marketing

Likewise, you have your memberships. If you can sell a membership to a gambling site, a trading site or a bingo site, then in theory you can make profit for the rest of your life from those members and this can keep you earning for your entire life.

Alternate Strategies

These are big ticket items and this then immediately changes your strategy.

Suddenly, it becomes much more worth your while to invest time and effort into making a sale. What that means, is that you can justify picking up the phone and actually encouraging someone to buy, or potentially going to a conference and trying to persuade people to buy that way instead.

This might sound more difficult than selling the smaller items in volume but actually when you really commit yourself to a sale, you'd be surprised what you can accomplish. And selling in person is actually a lot more effective in many cases. And with something like a membership, the price of entry is even that high.

Another option is to have a kind of approach to your sales, where you sell higher and higher priced items as your audience learns to trust you more. This way you can start earning right away and potentially also make those killer sales.


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