What is The ClickFunnels Two Comma Club?

The dream of every investor, entrepreneur or online marketer is to get a huge return on investment (ROI), and when that comes with an added award, it becomes a big bonus. How would you really feel as an investor if you are rewarded with some money or plaques for achieving certain milestone in your financial life? You will feel good, right? Well, that is what ClickFunnels Two Comma Club is all about.

 Two Comma Club

The Two Comma Club is a reward system put in place by ClickFunnels to give special award to any of their users who makes his/her first $1 million in revenue while using ClickFunnels. It is designed to help people actualize their visions. It is a way of encouraging investors to aspire to earn $1 million through a single funnel.

The club started with just 93 members but has since more than doubled the number as more new Two Comma Club members are added daily. While some business models think of how to keep gaining from their users, ClickFunnels looks forward to making millionaires from their various funnels. One way to get people motivated into setting the pace in their various funnels and making their first million dollars online is to make them believe in their ability to achieve the feat no matter how daunting it looks, and also let them realize that there is a reward for them when they succeed.

The loveliest part of the Two Comma Club is that some users of ClickFunnels have actually earned awards multiple times simply by building new funnels once they have earned their first million dollars in a particular funnel. 

How to Join the Two Comma Club

Joining the Two Comma club of millionaires is quite simple. All you need to become a member is to create an account with ClickFunnels and then set up your business funnels. Work assiduously on your funnel and take your business to the next level. And then, hurray! You earn your first $1 million from the business.

You don’t pay any money to join the club. The only thing you need to become a member is to provide an evidence of your earning. Take a screenshot of your $1 million earned in your merchant account. Go to 2commaclub.com and submit your screenshot. Pronto! You are minutes away from being a member of the elite millionaires’ club. Wait for an approval. As soon as your claim is verified you are accepted into the fold. Hard work really pays, especially when you have a system that encourages you to work hard and get rewarded for doing so. Two Comma Club is one in a million clubs that encourage excellence. 

Funnel Hacks

The Funnel Hacks is the only website builder that does not only pays attention to building of pages alone but enables you to build smart sales funnels. With Funnel Hacks, you easily create several types of sales funnels together with webinar funnels, optin funnels, membership funnels, and lots more. Once you are on the funnel Hacks, you have the following privileges:

Sales Funnels: The sales funnels help you to sell your products, one click upsells, downsales, and many more.

Optin Funnels: With the Optin Funnels, you are able to generate leads and quickly build a list in a professional manner.

Product Launches: With this, you can easily launch a new product even though you have never done so in the past. The launch funnels gives you everything you need to successfully bring your product to the market and take them to the doorsteps of potential buyers.

Membership Sites: Are you interested in building a membership site but don’t know how to do it? Don’t worry! The Membership Site funnels will assist you to seamlessly launch your membership site.

Webinars: The Funnel Hacks has a high converting webinar funnels you can easily leverage to promote your company to the next level. It is easy to use because it’s built with you in mind.

Auto Webinars: There is no better way of making your business move with a focused high speed than using automated systems. Auto Webinars funnels simply helps you automate your sales and keep making money even while you sleep.

In addition, signing up to the Funnel Hacks system gives you access to the following:

6 Months Etison Suite Account to ClickFunnels (comprising The Entire Etison Suite, Actionetics, ClickFunnels, Backpack...). This comes with benefits worth $1,782 in value.

Besides, you have access to Instant Traffic Hacks, valued at $1,997. This shows you how to drive unlimited traffic to your site. Moreover, you get SOAP & Seinfeld Email Sequences valued at $997, which teaches you how to convert your subscribers to faithful buyers. You equally have 6 Week Funnel Hacks Master Class, which is a combination of Sales, Master Optin, Webinar and membership Funnels, all  valued at $2,997. The final access you get is to the Inception Secrets worth $1,997 in value. 


Two Comma Club remains one of the most practical instruments for motivating entrepreneurs, and startups to bring out the best in them and strive to generate more income from their businesses, knowing full well that they would receive a reward for their hard work and creativity. It encourages business owners to set achievable goals and easily take their businesses to the next level.

The Funnel Hacks delivers a full pack of all that you need to give your business an edge over its competition. From learning the ropes to automating your business, everything is fully provided for you.

Anyone who wants to get to the top within the shortest time possible should leverage the Funnel Hacks. While your focus remains to join the elite ClickFunnels Two Comma Club, embracing the Funnel Hacks will make it possible for you to arrive at your desired destination without unnecessary delays as you have at your beck and call everything to make it happen.

To kick-start your journey to the top, head on to Funnel Hacks right away to create your account and take advantage of the various funnels and the bonuses that come with them.


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