Why I'm Using Quizzes for Lead Generation

Do you want to generate more leads?

Have you considered using social media quizzes to connect with prospects?

Quizzes are a great way to engage your audience, gather feedback and build your email list.

According to research, people find it easier to share quizzes because they are more personal when compared to other online content forms. Furthermore, quizzes provide lead generation from among the questions and answers of the quizzes.

There are two benefits to this means:

Firstly, relevant call to action can be made to the quiz (such as entering information to acquire updates on a personality type).

Secondly, the person will desire to see the outcome of the quizzes, even though some people may opt out by defaults. Nevertheless, about 50% of people who respond to these quizzes do opt-in.

Averagely, well-done quizzes can produce a minimum of 50% opt-in rates whereas the average sharing is about 1,900 times.

In some cases, I've personally had as high as 80% opt-in rates using a quiz!

The moment a user indulges in a particular quiz and shares their information, you can follow-up with an email of related offers.

Why Quizzes are Great for Lead Generation

Today, quizzes are a norm for most websites as they are popping up from every angle. More organizations are becoming conscious of the power hidden inside quizzes because a good, personalized, and interactive quiz will mean a stronger email list. 

Provide the Option of Segmentation

Quizzes enable you to add an email option, which gives you the opportunity to segment emails depending on the results. For instance, if your quiz has to do with skin care challenges and its fears, you can use diverse email funnels to share specific product recommendations.

Brings You Closer to People Interested in What You Offer

Beside lead generation, a random list of emails, the leads acquired through your quizzes is qualified. It depicts people who have indicated their interest in what you are offering. Additionally, by sharing their quizzes on their social media platforms, you expand your reach.

Brings Personalization to Your Marketing Strategy

Quizzes give users the opportunity to learn something and take a closer look at themselves. Furthermore, it connects you with your business or company.

How to Create an Attractive Quiz

My absolutely favorite tool for building quizzes is Interact. It has a very easy-to-use survey builder to create quizzes with specific outcomes, and the ability to embed images in your quizzes can give them a very polished look.

However, is not enough informing you why quizzes are great for lead generation; you must know how to create an appealing quiz that will be irresistible to your audience.

Pick the right Topic: Getting this step wrong, will mean failure to your objective. You must pick a top that appeals to a wider audience you are targeting. Nevertheless, before picking your topic, you must:

  • Know your audience. Creating a quiz for a particular set of people will be more productive and effective than a general quiz. Addressing a particular group increases your chances of success irrespective the size of the group.
  • Write to an individual. Don’t write in a general term rather personalize it. This will help in creating a comfortable style of writing using a friendly tone. Rethink the ideal if you can’t write for an individual.

Create fascinating titles: Your title is like a movie thriller. They must be as attractive as possible to grab the attention of your audience.

Creating the Questions: This is your opportunity of coming up with a conversation with your users while building rapport. The magic of the quizzes takes place here. Unlike other forms of content, quizzes speak directly to a person taking the quiz. They are more or less one-on-one medium. At this stage, you must:

  • Allow your personality to shine: You create a character and allow it to shine. One of the ways to judge a good quiz is the connection it creates with people by instilling some personality into it, whether it is created or your own.
  • Stick to the Pub Rule: Inquire from people like you went to a pub with a friend.
  • Never be scared of getting personal: Motivate people to enlighten you about themselves as they answer the quiz questions.

How Can You Use Quizzes?

There are many ways of using quizzes to promote your organization or business.

Nevertheless, we will explore two useful ways of using quizzes.

  • Link your quiz to your brand personality: It is great when your product or service has its distinct personality. Making your quiz adhere to this personality gives you dependability and a stronger pull on your target market. For instance, an agricultural company that uses apple as its mascot can do apple related quizzes. People who are attracted to fruits and green can feel comfortable doing the quiz.
  • Repurpose past achievements to squeeze more leads out of your website: Today, marketers are consistently producing content with some becoming more popular than others. Nevertheless, you can use quizzes to generate a lead by repurposing your popular content i.e. 20 percent of the content that gets you 80 percent of the traffic.

Working with one of my clients Curtis W. (FitWithCJSlay), we recently built an awesome weight training quiz to help personalize his messaging.

How to Distribute Your Quiz to Get Lead Generation

Perhaps you have created a wonderful quiz and know how to use them but that alone won’t generate the needed lead. You will need to promote it and that may look like the hardest part.

However, there are four easy ways of distributing your quiz to get the needed lead generation. You could do it through:

  • Your blog or website: You can embed your quiz easily into any webpage. When you have a quiz on your blog or website, all links, social shares, and comments take place on your domain, this removes the risk of losing people because of distractions from other things. You can easily use a quiz to lure them in and get more leads and conversions.
  • Facebook: This seems to be the most popular avenue for quizzes. Using Facebook offers you an advantage because it has the potential to be seen and even forwarded by a vast audience.
  • You share on your timeline: This is the easiest option if you want your quiz to be out. All you need is an image, which you must share along with the link to your quiz. When doing this, ensure the link is to the dedicated quiz page.
  • Using a custom tab: Perhaps you want a permanent position on your Facebook page, why not embed the quiz into a custom tab? This makes it easier for your quizzes to be seen by your friends and other visitors who have an access to your Facebook page.
  • Twitter: This is similar to the Facebook sharing concept through your timeline. It is better to visually represent your quiz using an image to attract more users. When it comes to Twitter, timing is everything. The time you share the quiz will impact the lead you generate. Put this into consideration. The perfect time is during peak hours especially middle of the day during work days. Share a couple of times but don’t overdo it before it becomes a spam.
  • Email Newsletter: Looking for subscribers to your newsletter, quizzes are perfect in turning more leads. You can drive engagement to your blog or webpage by sharing your quizzes through an email newsletter. This can as well be done through the email functionality of Interact. if you use that a quiz builder like I do. 


While other means of generating leads exist, Quizzes can be trusted to deliver fast and reliable results.

Apart from being an effective lead generation tool, quizzes enable you to target specific audiences to add to your list. Since your desire is getting users who are interested in your product to opt in to your list, Quizzes serve to get those potential customers to specifically indicate their willingness to receive offers from you without being compelled. Once they opt in, you are sure of customers who will remain faithful since the decision was made personally by them.

Creating different quizzes equally enables you to segregate your customers into lists that are tied to specific products you are marketing, making it relatively easier to calculate the amount of profit each product makes at the end of your campaigns.

This helps you to know what product has performed well and the areas where improvements are needed in the long run. Your Sales Funnel can generate leads and sales but with the addition of quizzes, you are able to know precisely where those sales are coming from.

Every marketer or business owner who needs to double his/her lead in a short period should consider adding quizzes to their sales funnel and see the kind of revolution this would bring to the business.


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